Our Mission

At Chi-Town World Dance Congress (ChiWDC / CWDC), we're not just about dance; we're about innovation, celebrating movement and learning together.

Step into our world where we embrace the richness and diversity of dance and music, and welcome every genre with open arms. Our stage isn't just a platform, it's a melting pot of styles where every dancer finds their unique voice.

At CWDC, “inclusivity” isn't just a buzzword: it's our core value, we hold ourselves accountable for it. We aim to provide a safe space where dancers of all backgrounds and identities can come together in harmony.

Here, we aren't just dancers; we’re trailblazers redefining norms. We're leaders, collaborators and most importantly people, standing shoulder to shoulder as equals.

Join us and together we’ll create a legacy where passion, collaboration, and growth thrive, shaping a future that's as diverse and dynamic as the art itself. Welcome to CWDC, where every step is a revolution.