Kizomba Artists 2024

Virgile and Juneline, one of Dutch Finest urban kiz teachers, known for their fluidity, elegant technique and precision in teaching. They will help you get awareness in your technique to elevate your skills. They can see and feel every weightshift, framehold, connection and that information is needed to become better. They teach weekly classes in Amsterdam and in Almere at their own dancing school License2Kizz

Virgile started dancing kizomba in 2015. In the beginning of 2016 he found his passion in Urban Kiz and changed his teaching style to Urban Kiz. As from that day on, he still trains and practices and loves to teach UrbanKiz on a weekly basis. Virgile is the founder of License2Kizz. Together with June he travels the world to share their knowledge and fundamentals to improve your UrbanKiz. His style can be described as technical playfull and but most important he wants to create a musical story with his follower/dance partner.

Juneline has a background in belly dance and has performed for years before she started with Kizomba. She has been teaching Urban kiz, Body Movement and Ladies Styling for over more than 5 years now. In addition, she loves to travel the world to build up women and their self-confidence through dance. Her dance style is elegant, expressive and fluid even in her following style. Together with Virgile she has built up License2Kizz as a brand and a place where people become better dancers. She believes that their fundamentals and principles in Urban Kiz will help you improve every time you use them.

Jurcic has been teaching kizomba / Urban Kiz for a few years now. Distinctive by his technique, musicality, creativity and swag, he puts a priority on creating dancers and not robots.

As he likes to say, dance is the expression of self through movements and every movement you do should be purposeful. Therefore, his goal is to help dancers develop their personality into their dance.

He has tapped in many styles: salsa, bachata, tango, dancehall, etc. and this background has made him the dancer he is today.

When sharing his music, you can call him DJ JC STRIPES. A journey he has started during a time when dance became illegal. He is a versatile DJ and he’ll take you into a journey with his sets.

This guy is discrete and likes to let his work speak for him. So don’t let yourself be fooled by his quiet demeanor.

Tboy discovered kizomba 2009-2010 in Paris. He developed his skills and competencies in Kizomba & Semba in the best school in Paris: “Centre Momboye and Pénatchon”.

TBoy started to teach in 2013 thanks to Lucia Nogueira and performed in different countries including several times in United Kingdom, Jersey island and France. He also performed at the international MSC Cruise on the Atlantic Ocean in 2014.

He taught Semba, Kizomba in one of the biggest dance school in Paris, "Salsabor". He also partnered up with Victor de Sousa named Victor who is one of the first kizomba teacher in France since 2009. Additionally, Tboy was the leader of "Semba na Rua" in Paris. He was also part of Pé Leve’s, a dance project based in Paris founded with the purpose of keeping the tradition of Kizomba alive in France.

Through his way in the kizomba, he had the pleasure of performing and teaching with Ms. Nogueira. Inspired and trained by the best dancers teachers in the kizomba scene, Tboy was able to grow and develop his own style. Now he is traveling and sharing his passion, dance skills and knowledge with us to make us dance Kizomba and Semba.

Kaycee is a lover of all things dance. Training in various styles over the years but finding her passion in Kizomba and Urban Kiz.

She has trained as a lead and follow simultaneously throughout her entire Kizomba journey. Kaycee’s number one agenda is to convert all dancers into ambi dancers.

She has been dedicated to growing her local community in St. Louis where she teaches weekly with STLKIZ, while also traveling nationally and globally to refine her skills.

Kaycee is passionate about growing an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, and comfortable dancing to their best ability.

With 15 years of experience in partner dancing, Nadine's journey began with salsa (her first love). She traveled to festivals across Europe to hone her skills and taught group classes for 2 years. Towards the end of 2019, she committed to learning Kizomba. In 2020, post-COVID, Nadine persuaded Hovsep to come out of dance retirement and practice with her. In 2021, they discovered Urban Kiz at a regional weekender, which quickly became their passion.

After countless hours of practice and training, Nadine started co-teaching locally and at festivals in early 2022, and began competing in Jack and Jill competitions. In 2024, she had the opportunity to teach at the Victoria International Kizomba Festival.

Nadine became an official member of Kiz n Chill in 2024, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the Kizomba community in Chicago.

Ken is a visual artist turned cross genre dancer with a passion for Hip Hop, Popping and Urban Kiz. Using foundational technique as a platform for creativity, he loves to draw from his inspirations to create unique and fun experiences on the social dance floor. He's known for dancing to unconventional music whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Olu Shogo is DJ/ Producer from West Africa and currently lives in the U.S. He is a versatile DJ/Producer in the Afro-Latin dance scene. He regularly plays UrbanKiz, Kizomba, Konpa & Semba. His remixes and originals are played in festivals globally. Dj Olu is a resident DJ at a monthly Kizomba social in Dallas, TX and have been fortunate to play in Europe and all over the U.S. He has had the opportunity to mix with some incredibly talented deejays like D&L Beats, Dj Cassanova, Amber Rose, Dj Chad, Zay-x, Dj Mojo, Dj Sink, Dj Morelasol, DJ Lenhy to name a few.

Dexter Watson, alias DJ Dex, is a DJ based in Minneapolis, MN and specializes in Afro-Latin rhythms like Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, Merengue, Cumbia.

Dexter Watson was in attendance at a nightclub for World Dance Night when a song was played that he had never heard of - yet it felt so familiar. Slowly 1 couple approached the floor, followed by another. As he and everyone else cleared the dance floor, he was captivated by the music, movement, and overall vibe. From that moment on, he has been seeking out more knowledge, understanding, technique and experience.

Traveling wherever and whenever he can to train in various African dances, be it Kizomba, Semba, Urban-Kiz, Tarraxinha, Kuduro, Afrobeats, as well as Afro-Latin dances. In addition to dancing and teaching, Dexter also DJs, under the alias Dex The DJ aka DJ Dex. He loves learning, helping others, and building up and supporting his ever-expanding community, traits passed on from his family upbringing.

“Music, along with dance, is a beautiful and universal expression. No matter what language you speak, what age you are, it can affect you in a powerful way. It can turn a day round, get you smiling, moving and grooving, sometimes without realizing it. As an artist, that’s what I aim for.”

Daniel Salgado, a DJ rooted in Chicago, has been sharing his love for music and dance for over 30 years, with the past 20 focused on the vibrant Latin scene. His journey has taken him to places like Alhambra, Dance Center, and Latin Street, where he's brought joy to countless dance floors.

In 2014, Daniel discovered his passion for Kizomba and started immersing himself in the dance. He began organizing weekly Kizomba events with Kizomba Chicago, becoming a dedicated Kizomba/Urbankiz DJ for the past decade.

Daniel has been instrumental in fostering the Kizomba community, launching the Sunday Kizomba Practicas and an integral member of the Kizomba Chicago organization. He also introduced the Toque de Kizomba Friday social, all while teaching Kizomba alongside his wife, Adriana.

Beyond organizing events, Daniel has managed monthly improver series, collaborating with national artists to expand Kizomba’s reach within the salsa and bachata scenes. His efforts have made Kizomba more accessible and enjoyable for everyone in the dance community.